Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Elizabeth and James

Everyone knows who the Olsen twins are, what about their fashion brands? The Row, very high-end and luxury and Elizabeth and James, a more contemporary and affordable line inspired by their very own vintage wardrobe. 

I am not a huge fan of their style, (after all not a lot of people can pull of the rugged high street look with Hermes) but I do occasionally fall in love with a few of their outfits. Anyway, the other day my friend sent me a link to the Saks sales website, too late obviously all the goodies were gone. However I continued browsing and came across the shoe collection of Spring 2010 of Elizabeth and James

I am totally in love with this pair of Peep-Toe d'Orsay Wedges. Although they are wedges, the colour, the ruched texture still scream total elegance (imo).  But the recent overload of online retail therapy made me hesitate. First, I have never bought shoes online, since you can never try it on. Well lets just put it this way, not trying on shoes and buying them is risky business. Secondly, just by looking at it cannot convince me to buy them at US$335, after all I am still a student. Probably when they are on sale? I don't know. 

These shoes are currently available for pre-order on Saks

Elizabeth and James is available in Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, not sure about their shoe collection though.

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