Monday, March 03, 2014


|| Burberry tweed coat || J Brand jeans || HM shirt || Haider Ackermann boots || Celine Trapeze bag || YSL Arty ring || Chan Luu, Links of London bracelets ||

Kids, if any of you are reading this, please be aware that this is a bad example. I speak from years of experience. I have a self-diagnosed addiction to television. Over the years, I thought my addiction would gradually come to an end as teen dramas – the likes of Gossip Girl, 90210 and the Hills – die out, and that I wouldn't start to watch anything new. Boy, I was wrong. Now this is one urban myth.

As a student I thought it was borderline acceptable to watch so much TV as long as I didn't fail anything. Then came life of the working girl (supposedly). I knew this behaviour had to stop there and then. Elementary was an exception, who can resist Sherlock’s genius and British accent? I love a good detective drama, too. Under the influence, this is my Sherlock outfit – there is just something about that almost monochrome palette and that almost doctor’s bag that give a certain private eye vibe.

這是典型的反面教材,兒童切勿模仿。我的電視癮問題存在已久,久沒治愈 ,這是我多年來的經驗之談。本來我天真的以為隨著《緋聞女孩》、《90210》、《好萊塢女孩》等屬於(我)青少年時代的產物逐一完結,同時間不再開始看新的電視劇,我的電視癮就可以慢慢痊愈。但如此被動的方式怎可能有效,然後,就沒有然後了。


Friday, February 28, 2014

Grey Matters 灰色地帶

|| Prabal Gurung Fall 2014 ||

|| Pringle of Scotland Fall 2014 ||

|| Whistles Fall 2014 ||

Fashion’s love for grey would never die. Indeed this shade often reminds you of the dullness of a corporate boardroom. Yet like all unsung heroes, grey is one of the essential go-to hues. A black and white ensemble screams too much attention? Throw in a bit of grey – there is a certain calming quality to it. Soft ambiguity deems grey as a no-brainer colour of choice for the fashion pack.

The plush grey knitwear from Fall 2014 collections are looking very promising. Rejoice for girls (like yours-truly) who like to stay warm and hide under such softness when cold weather comes. Prabal Gurung’s highland style chunky sweaters were a juxtaposition of cable and waffle-knit, a biker girl pick. A sweater in slate adorned with baby blue scales – by none other than knitwear extraordinaire – Pringle Of Scotland, would be another streetstyle favourite. Whistles went back to basics, simply with fluffy knits in timberwolf and ash, less is more.


2014秋冬時裝秀裡的灰色毛衣各有千秋,耐看程度旗鼓相當,冬季喜歡躲在厚重毛衣裡的女孩們選擇可多。Prabal Gurung秀中亮點是不規則粗麻花針織及等接併,大號毛衣不乏強勢氣質。頂尖針織品牌Pringle Of Scotland設計格外獨特,寬鬆剪裁加上一片片小鱗片必定是街拍的新寵兒。而Whistles則走簡約路線,利落線條依然掩蓋不住毛衣的輕柔。

Monday, February 24, 2014

May the Force be with you 星戰衣戀

 || Rodarte Fall 2014 || Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Fall 2014 || Star Wars ||

|| Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Fall 2014 ||

 || Rodarte Fall 2014 ||

|| Star Wars Queen Padmé Amidala Fashion ||

It seems that Comic Con and Fashion Week finally have something in common. The February fashion weeks are still well underway and yet, two fashion houses travelled to a galaxy far, far away. Both were quite literal, too. Being a Star Wars fangirl through and through, I am totally pro this trend. That said, I am more inclined towards the Rodarte collection. With their memories continuously as the design pillar, the Mulleavy sisters designed a collection in rich fabrics and jewel tones, something a 21st century Padmé Amidala would wear. I am pretty much convinced that this collection was made for the Queen of Naboo. As much as I love what Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi are doing at Preen of late, have to say Darth Vader didn’t make the most attractive of prints. In contrast, the jolly shade of vermilion was very much to my liking, and the voluminous ankle grazing coats make the perfect cold weather armour.

動漫展和時裝秀本來是兩碼子的事,但依然在進行的2014秋冬時裝秀把原本遙遠的距離拉近,兩大設計師品牌不約而同地從很遙遠的星系裡取得靈感,而且都頗為明顯。作為星球大戰的忠實粉絲,我個人是很喜歡時裝這樣向星戰致敬,但Rodarte 2014秋冬系列比較討喜。每一季Mulleavy姐妹都以她們共同的回憶作為靈感,新一季系列用上寶石色調及蕾絲、天鵝絨等高端物料,整個系列就是為二十一世紀的Padmé Amidala而設計的。我真的是這麼認為,剪裁用色太相似了。儘管近幾季Justin Thornton及Thea Bregazzi的Preen設計很有驚喜,悲劇反派黑武士印花實在不太吸引。反而我特別喜歡亮眼有活力的橘色,另外寬大特長的外套也是對抗嚴寒的時尚之選。

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mother of Pearl

|| Chanel Spring 2014 || 

|| Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2013 || 

|| Christian Dior Mise En Dior fine jewellery ||

|| Sophie Bille Brahe ||

Ever since the much-coveted Christian Dior Mise en Dior tribal earrings appeared in Pre-Fall 2013, pearly accessories have made a nouveau comeback. With less femininity and grandeur, pearls are still making a big fashion statement in the simplest of forms. Meek asymmetry beads of Mise en Dior earrings add a modest sense of elegance. Karl Lagerfeld’s oversized Coco elements from Spring 2014 Chanel bring a transformative artistic revolution upon the traditionally conservative gem. The ever so stylish Delfina Delettrez – fourth generation of the Fendi dynasty – also dropped some pearls in her namesake fine jewellery line, with novel craftsmanship. Enjoying much prevalence among the streetstyle stars, Sophie Bille Brahe's pearls are at the top of any wish lists. Get your pearly whites ready for Spring 2014.

繼Christian Dior 2013早秋系列的Mise en Dior耳環掀起搶購熱潮後,珍珠配飾再度流行起來。新型的簡單利落設計比傳統女性化珍珠配飾更有特色,Mise en Dior耳環低調雅致,而Chanel(香奈兒)2014春夏系列的大顆珍珠更成為焦點,猶如一場時尚圈的藝術革命,打破珍珠老氣橫秋的形象。Fendi家族第四代Delfina Delettrez嶄新手工的高級珠寶系列也加入珍珠元素,另外後起之秀Sophie Bille Brahe的簡潔設計最近成為街拍明星的新寵兒。重新演繹後,珍珠將成為2014春夏的點睛飾物。

Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Lingerie Craze

|| Theory coat || Burberry green jumper || Zara black lace slip || Alaia black suede boots || Valentino black Rockstud bag || Bulgari, Tiffany, Joy Everley rings || Prada sunglasses ||

Photos: K

Ever since Marc Jacobs brought back the romantic intimacy of the undergarment last year at Louis Vuitton Fall 2013, lingerie inspired fashion has not really gone away. Zara also approved, with a dedicated lace collection. Flashing the boudoir out and about is not really an option in conservative Hong Kong. So I guess now is the perfect season to wear a lace slip cloaked under knits and heavy outerwear. Just a subtle hint.

Marc Jacobs於Louis Vuitton 2013秋冬RTW時裝發布秀掀起蕾絲睡衣潮流後,此輕透物料近幾季都是備受設計師鍾愛的面料,Zara也趁機推出蕾絲系列。在香港這還是有一點點保守的城市閨房衣物外穿實在不太可行。唯有以冬季的厚重毛衣及大衣稍微掩蓋,隱約可見。
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