Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Lingerie Craze

|| Theory coat || Burberry green jumper || Zara black lace slip || Alaia black suede boots || Valentino black Rockstud bag || Bulgari, Tiffany, Joy Everley rings || Prada sunglasses ||

Photos: K

Ever since Marc Jacobs brought back the romantic intimacy of the undergarment last year at Louis Vuitton Fall 2013, lingerie inspired fashion has not really gone away. Zara also approved, with a dedicated lace collection. Flashing the boudoir out and about is not really an option in conservative Hong Kong. So I guess now is the perfect season to wear a lace slip cloaked under knits and heavy outerwear. Just a subtle hint.

Marc Jacobs於Louis Vuitton 2013秋冬RTW時裝發布秀掀起蕾絲睡衣潮流後,此輕透物料近幾季都是備受設計師鍾愛的面料,Zara也趁機推出蕾絲系列。在香港這還是有一點點保守的城市閨房衣物外穿實在不太可行。唯有以冬季的厚重毛衣及大衣稍微掩蓋,隱約可見。


  1. Awesome pics! Nice outfit and super cool pics
    Nice Blog :D

  2. I've seriously been on a mad hunt for a black slip-like dress to peek out under oversized sweaters, tees, etc.

    te amo,

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  4. The dress that you present here are really fabulous and stunning. The black coat and sweater are really appreciable. I like those. The design and color pattern of the dress is so stylish and gorgeous.I love such affordable dress and fashion trends. Lovely post, please keep up updating.


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