Thursday, January 30, 2014

Friends and Faux

|| Shrimps Look Book ||

|| Prada Spring Summer 2014 || 

Why so serious? Self-mockery is a long running trait of fashion. Hence the popularity of Brian Lichtenberg and What about yves. Fashion likes to be witty. Shirmps – a new faux fur label based in London – is a perfect representation of that. The young label’s aesthetic is so comical that it is blatantly not the real deal, yet such fun interpretations are like a breathe of fresh air – a typical British tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

On the high-end spectrum, we have Prada. Miuccia Prada is probably the only designer who reinvents her woman season after season – she also makes you want to reinvent your wardrobe, too. She delivered a powerful Spring Summer 2014 collection adorned with literally in-your-face mural art. So what about the coats? Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs and Katie Grand had first dibs.

These reinterpretations of fur coats exude mockery, to a point that it is challenging the traditional interpretation of fur. Stripping down regality and lavishness of fur, in exchange for vibrant whacky teddy bear fur.

自嘲一向都是時尚圈的專業,何須太認真呢?物極必反,當時裝華麗到一個地步,就有新的對衡,而通常以玩味極濃的手法出現。Brian LichtenbergWhat about yves惡搞設計就是時尚對自我諷刺的認同。時尚是詼諧的、俏皮的。而倫敦新生代人造皮草品牌Shirmps就是很貼切的例子。這個新品牌整個調子就是很幽默,賣點不是假的很像真皮草,而是肆無忌憚就是假皮草的態度,如此有趣破格的演繹就是活生生的英式開玩笑幽默感。

高端時裝代表有Prada,少有的設計師每一季都再徹底改造品牌的繆斯女神,而Miuccia Prada是其中之一,她的設計還讓人想徹底換掉自己的衣服。Prada 2014春夏系列藝術氣色濃厚,隨處可見的壁畫元素是一大亮點。而Anna WintourMarc Jacobs和Katie Grand已經爭先演繹皮草大衣了。


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