Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Coach Samie Heel

|| Coach Samie Heel ||

My oh my how Coach footwear has dramatically evolved! With the rise of practical footwear, pointed-toe pumps make the tolerable heel height much more slimming and inspiring with the beautiful arch of the foot. Gilded with a slightly clunky retro heel, this Coach Samie Heel is of stylish pointed-toe pump perfection. 

Coach的鞋履一向給我過分成熟而不夠現代的感覺,看我是多久沒有留意他們的高跟鞋。自從更踏實的鞋款開始流行起來,尖頭鞋就成為最熱鞋形,因為尖瘦鞋頭使腳看起來更修長,讓中跟鞋更耐看。這雙Coach Samie Heel集合現代流行元素及復古感覺在一身,百搭易穿。

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