Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Low Down

|| Rick Owens down coat || Topshop embroidered top || H&M leggings || Chanel patent cap toe boots || Celine trapeze bag || Prada sunglasses || Monica Vinader, Tai, Astley Clarke bracelets || Chrome Hearts, Tiffany, Joy Everley rings ||
Photos: K

I do have an embargo on down coats, except for those in disguise. Down outerwear is the warmest thing ever, without the need to look like a wild life creature. But I just can’t get myself to like all that Bibendum – more commonly known as the Michellin Man – silhouette. Rick Owens coats are of the rare breed, such slimming effects (courtesy of the skinny leather sleeves) yet so warm at the same time. Most down outerwear just doesn’t come as edgy as this, Moncler Gamme Bleu/ Rouge as an exception, obviously. And no, the Moncler main line is just puffy pomposity blowing out of proportions. Really.

我真心不太喜歡羽絨服,除非是完全不像羽絨的羽絨服。根據早前的angora(安哥拉毛)事件就能推斷出時尚圈終於開始保育,真皮草已經不太時尚,而羽絨大衣就變成最溫暖的選擇,但我就是接受不了那種米芝蓮人輪胎身影。Rick Owens外衣都獨具特色,穿著羽絨大衣依然是瘦子,顯瘦皮革袖子應記一功。普遍的羽絨大衣除了Moncler Gamme Bleu/ Rouge以外也是沒什麼設計感,而Moncler主線就不值得一提了。

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