Friday, February 28, 2014

Grey Matters 灰色地帶

|| Prabal Gurung Fall 2014 ||

|| Pringle of Scotland Fall 2014 ||

|| Whistles Fall 2014 ||

Fashion’s love for grey would never die. Indeed this shade often reminds you of the dullness of a corporate boardroom. Yet like all unsung heroes, grey is one of the essential go-to hues. A black and white ensemble screams too much attention? Throw in a bit of grey – there is a certain calming quality to it. Soft ambiguity deems grey as a no-brainer colour of choice for the fashion pack.

The plush grey knitwear from Fall 2014 collections are looking very promising. Rejoice for girls (like yours-truly) who like to stay warm and hide under such softness when cold weather comes. Prabal Gurung’s highland style chunky sweaters were a juxtaposition of cable and waffle-knit, a biker girl pick. A sweater in slate adorned with baby blue scales – by none other than knitwear extraordinaire – Pringle Of Scotland, would be another streetstyle favourite. Whistles went back to basics, simply with fluffy knits in timberwolf and ash, less is more.


2014秋冬時裝秀裡的灰色毛衣各有千秋,耐看程度旗鼓相當,冬季喜歡躲在厚重毛衣裡的女孩們選擇可多。Prabal Gurung秀中亮點是不規則粗麻花針織及等接併,大號毛衣不乏強勢氣質。頂尖針織品牌Pringle Of Scotland設計格外獨特,寬鬆剪裁加上一片片小鱗片必定是街拍的新寵兒。而Whistles則走簡約路線,利落線條依然掩蓋不住毛衣的輕柔。

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