Monday, May 24, 2010

maxi dress project

I have been looking for a tie dye maxi dress for the summer but I couldn't find the perfect one. So then I thought a maxi dress isn't too hard to make is it? Considering i have a sewing machine (I don't really know how to sew though, oh well.)

So I set out for ShamShuiPo for the perfect fabric. I cannot use anything that stretches because the machine doesn't do that kind of stitching, so I went for silk. 

This is the piece of fabric that I bought. The texture and thickness is what I wanted, but the colour was not. 

So I dyed the whole thing first and then started tie dying.

This is how you do a spiral pattern. You grasp the middle of the fabric and then twist it until bit becomes a circle, then tie it tightly with elastic bands. Then you can either immerse it in dye or squirt colours on top like what I did here.

It was a success, considering its my first time doing any sewing and tie dying.
So here is the dress. 

Three elastics are sewn at the waist.

I have also added an extra tint of red just to make it more interesting to look at.

Paired with Ash Lotus cutout booties in nauge, bought from They are super comfy.

Close up of jewels, bangle from H&M, bracelet from Accessorize, beetle ring from Dior stacked with a ruby ring from my dad.

It was a very nice day to be wearing a maxi dress. I will prolly make one more in black too. 


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