Saturday, July 24, 2010


I never really wear lipstick coz somehow I heard it makes your lips go dark (and I wouldn't want that), and also coz (obviously) I'm just too lazy to do it. Usually I'd stick to lip glosses, the Cremesheen Glass from MAC are my current favorite.

Anyway back to the lipsticks. If I'd put on lipstick (which I usually don't) I'd put on Bell de Jour from NARS. It is the sheer type of lipstick in a nude shade and from the website it says "translucent formula to provide a sheer, natural tint". This is one of my favorite lipsticks (I have a lot although I don't use them that much). Its moisturizing and doesn't show a lot of cakey lines, pigmentation is good, don't expect it to cover your lip colour, it just tunes my lip to a lighter shade and becomes a natural nude. 

In these photos I haven't put on any lip primer or lip liner other than lip balm under Belle du Jour. So the pigmentation is pretty good considering. I believe this colour does work great if you're going for a more natural nude shade.

Belle du Jour is French, meaning lots of things I guess some erotic and some not. It can be 'beautiful day' or 'morning glory' or maybe 'beauty of the day', although 'daylight beauty' in French is une belle du jour to be exact (but that might mean prostitute during daytime). Excusez-moi, my French is not too polished. haha

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