Sunday, August 22, 2010

The September Issue

September is a busy month for glossy magazines. Well technically it should be July and August since that’s when all the deadlines are. Right before fashion weeks, magazines are seriously packed; this is the time when all the fall winter campaigns and articles are officially on the loose in the glossies. 

Last fall, all of the glossies have slimed down, we all know why. This year, they are thicker than ever, fashion houses are shelling out a lot on advertising apparently; 2 double-page spreads are not surprising at all. I got my hands on a copy of British Vogue and its heavy like a half size dictionary (definitely not very handbag friendly).

Trends or themes of the ad campaigns are mainly categorized according to what their house is doing for the season. Here some of my favorite picks:

1. Fendi, exuding a mystic femme noir vibe. The peekaboo bag is definitely very detective like. (Also note the mystery guy on the right)
2. Giorgio Armani, use of dimmed backgrounds, secretive with a pop of colour.
3. Prada, similar dimmed backgrounds, but in a different setting. For some reason I feel Chicago when I saw the singer and microphone thats why I put it in this femme noir category, don't we all know what happened in Chicago =).

1. Moschino, featuring Alessandra Ambrosio with a hint of 60s in stripes.
2. Oscar de la Renta, jaunty blues and oranges with fur trims.
3. Miu Miu, very mod indeed. Mod skirt lengths and colours. Updates of 3D florals. 

1. Louis Vuitton, this is by far my favorite campaign. The lighting, colours, wardrobe, hair and make-up just works perfectly. A hint of nostalgia, a bit of 50s with the rounded skirts and 100% glamorous. 
2. Chloe, sorry I had to resize it this small just to make it fit with everything else. The sandy beige from head to toe is breathtaking. 

One of the biggest trend this season, minimal. Michael Kors (1), Jil Sander (2) Calvin Klein (3) and of course Stella McCartney does it best.

Every season there would be a few of these, (I don't really know what they are called) having a few models on one spread. J'adore these, there are just so much going on! Every model have different things on, tres tres interesting.
1. Burberry, strikingly military with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. (I think it also says 'we are the god of coats and jackets')
2. D&G, who wouldn't love this? Its so jolly and cheery, a bunch of models showing of their beauty and youth with the alpine air... and champagne (ok this I made up)
3. DKNY, sporting collegiate cool with pleated skirts, checks, blazers oh and the camel coat. 
4. Givenchy, eye catchy red (red is also very in this season by the way) with an eye catchy transsexual model, Lea T. Oh so conspicuous. 
5. Lanvin, grungy glam and the lips. Loves.

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