Monday, August 09, 2010

Spot the difference

Christian Dior: Shanghai Dreamers

These photographs are taken by the renowned Chinese photographer Quentin Shih for the reopening of the Dior boutique in Shanghai. There is a Chinese saying of 'old Shanghai', representation of luxury of that time. This collection of photographs presents the Dior lady fallen through time back into the 'old Shanghai'. 

The washed out colours adds a very vintage feeling which reinforces the 'old Shanghai' once more. There is great contrast between the Dior lady among the Chinese. Hair and make up also suggests a retro tone. 
In my own opinion these photographs do look rather eerie in a way. The light washed colours makes the subjects look somehow ghostly. On top of that the round magnified versions seem like peering through a hole and discovering the unknown.
Picture courtesy of TrendLand

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