Saturday, October 30, 2010

Camel Cape

CAPE. Instead of a camel coat, I am leaning towards a camel cape more this fall. I have been looking at a lot of high street brands for the perfect cape, but somehow most of them are 'nice capes with a little bit of something that I don't like'. Finally I came across a camel cape that I really like from Karen Millen (above). Normally Karen Millen is a bit mature for my taste, but essentially it's how we pair things up that determines the age. I love the way this cape can be fastened or un-fastened, there should be quite a lot of ways to button up with the four buttonholes on the sleeves.  

Another camel cape that I'm considering is this Ash Grey Woolen Studio Cape from Zara (I have no idea why it is ash grey), love the silts, very Alexander Wang Fall 2010. But it is lacking a bit of detailing and slightly too camel, a somewhat lighter hue would be perfect. Nonetheless, it is from Zara and I'm not sure how long ago this cape has hit the stores, so probably won't be able to get my hands on it anyway. 


  1. capes are a total must have this year!
    nice blog ;)
    I have a blog too ;) take a look if you want!

  2. such a nice colour!
    so chic and a nice update from the camel coat!
    we're going into Summer here in South Africa, wish it was nearing winter time though!


  3. Hi, I agree with Camilla: cape are absolutely a must and I can spot some of them out on the streets 'cause the weather has turned a bit cold these days but unfortunately only in brown shades, I'm looking for a rusty orange one! Have fun, ciao! ^_^

  4. Thanks for commenting! Hopefully we can all find our ideal camel cape for this fall =)

  5. i just picked this up at zara in paris. It's fantastic and beautiful! although i'm a bit short, so i have to be in heels when i wear it.


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