Sunday, October 24, 2010

Obsession du jour: Lady Dior Handbag Saga

 Images courtesy of Marion Media.

LADY DIOR. Dior has launched a big campaign since last spring of different Lady Dior bags in different cities with various colour themes. Lady Gray, which is the most recent one features Marion Cotillard on the London Eye overlooking the mist veiled city.

The whole saga started from Lady Noir Paris, Lady Rouge New York, Lady Blue Shanghai and last but not least Lady Gray London. I do have a question though why aren't the last two ladies named in French like the previous two? Lady Bleu and Lady Gris are pretty self explanatory if one does not know French. Anyway, this Lady Grey bag (in patent leather maybe?) is pretty mesmerizing with it's unique colour and unconventional leather shoulder strap.

Each one with it's own short film, the Lady Gray one will be released in November. Short films are very widely produced in fashion these days, like Vanessa Bruno's Le Bel Eté, Céline's Perfect, Comme des Garcons' Wonderwood, Prada's Swing Sunglasses, Louis Vuitton's Hide and Seek just to name a few, as well as other in house films from Tod's, Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria Beckham and many more. 

Thanks to the technology and increasing accessibility, mini flims for fashion campaigns are made possible and is a great way to express creative impressions with the lowered cost, since airing these 'mini films' as television commercials would be rather costly and would not even achieve a certain reach. These short films bring the audience flights of fancies into dreamy vistas by just clicking onto the houses' website, Youtube, or even just by viral sharing. 


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