Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obsession du jour: Trompe L'oeil Tights

TROMPE L'OEIL. I have been meaning to do more posts on trends, obviously lots of trends to cover even though I'm just gonna do the ones that I like haha (and also finish the second half of faux fur) but there are just so so so many obsessions du jour these days, yup that's the shopaholic inside me you're hearing. 

Ok so back on track, although  New Yorkers go bare legged in winter, most of us survive with tights, lots of tights. Today's obsession is tromp l'oiel tights, meaning 'trick for the eye' tights. Or should I say just say tromp l'oiel suspenders...

These eye tricking suspenders are as sexy as the real ones, but with a dab of fun and a little less provocative. Also meaning they're for easy pairing, coz you know not wearing suspenders or hold ups carefully can shoot you down the wrong path, very wrong if you know what I mean. ;-)

(Clockwise from top left: Henry Holland for Pretty Polly 'Bandana Suspender', 'Super Suspender' and 'Chain Suspender'. Wolford Hot Dot Sheer Tights from Saks. Chain Link Suspender TightsBandana Over The Knees Tights by Henry Holland and Suspender Net Tights from Topshop. Heart Suspender Sheer Tights and Jonathan Aston Mock Suspender Tights both from ASOS.)

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