Thursday, November 04, 2010

Blue sky and the sunset

MEEKER. I have been completely swamped these days, finally I am taking a break (with my new Jeffery Campbell Meeker boots). My friend and I went to the Cocky Bar (funny name I know) in The One, a new shopping mall in Hong Kong. Probably the bar is cocky because their view, it's magnificent and how rare it is to have wind in your hair without dust and smoke in Hong Kong. The weather was beautiful, although the drinks were awful (mine tasted like Listerine and vodka) the breathtaking ambiance just made my day.

(Black and gold cropped jacket Burberry, Light blue deep v tee American Apparel, Black skirt Zara, Rosybrown knit ruffles scarf H&M, Taupe Jeffrey Campbell Meeker boots, Marc Jacobs bag, Rings Dior Tiffany's Aldo, Nail polish Chanel Paradoxal)


  1. Aw I like your style! :)

    This post (and your blog) makes me so excited for HK - I'm visiting in December! The view is amazing from Cocky Bar :D

  2. Re Mish: Thanks! I hope u will enjoy HK =)

  3. Your bag is soooooo beautiful!!!!! Love it!!!


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