Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obsession du jour: British VOGUE December 2010

I do not own these images, all images are scanned from British Vogue December 2010, they belong to their rightful owners. 

STARSTRUCK. I apologize for being so late and outdated, but this is one issue too splendid not to share. 

Before NASA announced their 'discovery of an exceptional object in our cosmic neighborhood', British Vogue published their exceptional Star Issue for December 2010 (with Emma Watson on the cover). Pretty self explanatory, the whole issue revolves around stars, everything is outright spellbound and mesmerizing with fancy colours, supernova graphics and of course Christopher Kane's prints. The fashion editorial is based on Zodiac (Star) Signs, remarkable images that are truly 'out of this world'. They even have typography specially designed for this issue! 

These scans are some of my favorites obviously there are more fabulous spreads from the magazine. Do have a look (if you haven't yet), it sure is one starry fantasy. 


  1. Dislike Emma Waston but I love the rest x
    awesome blog, I've started following

  2. OMG, gorgeous post with amazing pics, thanx for sharing dear!

  3. Re NRC: Thanks!
    Re mikapoka: Your welcome!


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