Thursday, December 16, 2010

A bit of green and a bit of sadness...

HM. These are the days when I would stare at my phone blankly hoping the message signal would light up, and then showing a face of disappointment after reading it because the sender was not the one I wanted. Yes, it is the 'can't eat can't sleep syndrome' that I am going through, hopefully it will be over soon. 

Black cardie Zara
Green lace tunic Topshop
Denim shorts Levi's 
Suede booties in taupe Jeffrey Campbell
Fringe leather bag Prada
Bracelet Links
Rings Aldo Dior Accessorize
Nails Rose Insolent Chanel


  1. Really gorgeous, I love that lace dress. I hope your syndrome is over soon too :)

  2. Everything is working so perfectly in this the lace dress.


  3. love the nail color, such a cute blog. consider yourself followed. would love if you returned the favor, that is, if you like what you see.


  4. I like your outfit! You are so beautiful! :))


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