Thursday, February 09, 2012

Chinese Lolita

Recently I read an article about Chinese Lolitas on WWD. Apparently, and I quote “The Chinese name for Lolita is Er Nai, or, literally, “The Second Mrs.”, really not too sure about this, but I have to agree that the modern day Chinese Lolitas are fashionistas with unlimited credit cards, luxury cars and chauffeurs at their service (of course chauffeurs for those Louboutin 160mm calf hair Daffodils, what else?).

Recognized or not, these Lolitas or Er nai or whatever surely are a trend in China. With soaring prices on practically everything, who can afford to make a living by themselves? (Okay exaggeration) And who are we to judge? Anyway, China is so populous, which means there are a lot of fine-looking young girls, simple maths. In addition, since plastic surgery is so popular now (whichever country), the not-so-fine-looking young girls can become gorgeous to add to the Lolita pack. My friend and I always make this joke about pretty Chinese girls all looking the same with their (A) eyes, (B) noses and (C) chins, like the menu from a plastic surgery clinic. Trust me, there are lots to be done on a normal Asian face to become “pretty”. For starters deeper and bigger eye creases and a straighter nose, don’t know who planted this in our heads but this is the general (and I say general!) “pretty face” for Chinese standards. And my friend and I would argue that girl’s nose is a (B) or (C). Yes, complete nonsense. Anyhow, my point is, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Chinese designer behind the label Luvon, Liu Lu seized this preemptive opportunity with her new collection focusing on the popularity of Lolitas in modern China. Not going to go into details about that but her advertising campaign for the collection is striking. From the colourway, setting, choice of model to the props – all brilliantly executed. Look at the model’s face, what a typical china doll? Also the cakes, tiara and endearing posture just completely embody the youth and aspiration of a modern Chinese Lolita – everybody wants to be a princess. Ignoring the old guy/ sugar daddy, everything just looks very dainty and sweet to me.

via WWD

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