Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mint Green and Fuchsia

Zara Mint Green Vest Top with metal tipped collar, Uniqlo cashmere sweater, Prada boots,  Alexander Wang Kristen Satchel

St James' Park, London

It did not occur to me that I very conveniently left all of my white clothes in Hong Kong until last week when it felt like summer was just around the corner. So I asked my mother to send me my white jeans, and then remembering I also forgot about my white tops (oh nooo my T by A.wangs). Indeed very annoying, but instead of asking her to send me another care package full of white clothes, I decided it was time for me to abandon whites. I have been steering my purchases towards the other side of the colour spectrum as of late. Finally breaking out of my comfort zone after years of wearing white in spring and summer. Buh bye you dull colour.


  1. Love the look!


  2. Good move. More colour please.

  3. cute Look, love the shoes

  4. Hi! What size did you get the sweater in? I love the way it fits you, great look! xo

  5. The sweater is beautiful -- what size is it? I love the loose fit!


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