Friday, November 08, 2013

AW13 Trend: Pink Coats

Fifty Shades of... Pink. With every fashion magazine telling us to think pink this season, inevitably this idea is planted in our heads. While maxi, mannish, ankle-grazing coats lead the way this season, pink coats slowly crept into our minds, subconsciously reminding us if we go for a rather adventurous outerwear colour, pink should be it. Even the Marks & Spencer blushed pink coat was sold out before it hit the stores.

I have been contemplating about this. Pink coats are certainly a joy to look at, however once you get down to business – literally or figuratively – pink coats seem out of place. Unless you are Alexa Chung or a child, a pink coat would be rather difficult to fit into your wardrobe.

Undeniably, pink coats are delightful. After all, who can forget about that endearing pink coat from the Raf Simons final Jil Sander collection? While models clutched the coats we clutched our hearts. To buy or not to buy, I still had fun looking at all these gorgeous outerwear in a colour none other than the rosy, blushed, feminine pink.

當每一本雜誌都教你買粉紅色大衣,催眠效果最對不能忽視。 新一季秋冬大熱固然是大碼、男裝剪裁、長至腳跟的大衣,但粉紅色這個念頭不知不覺間就出現在腦海裡,潛意識好像有小聲音在跟你說要麼買主流顏色大衣,要麼就買粉紅色!如果不是如此,Marks & Spencer的粉紅大衣也不會售罄。

這個難題我也考慮了一陣子,粉紅色大衣當然好看,但細細一想就覺得不論是什麼場合粉紅色大衣都格格不入。除非你是英國時尚達人Alexa Chung或者是小孩,否則難以凌駕粉紅色大衣這種稚氣單品。

當然,粉紅色大衣也有可取之處。有誰能忘記Raf Simons最後的Jil Sander系列裡扣人心弦的一抹粉紅,模特抓緊大衣前襟我們也同樣被感動。潮流不潮流也好,無可否認溫馨浪漫女性化的粉紅大衣都讓人賞心悅目。

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