Friday, November 15, 2013

Isabel Marant pour H&M

Deep down I do hold a belief that designer collaborations are as gimmicky as coconut water. But somehow every time one of these happens I get intrigued and always end up buying one or two items. I have been – however – lucky that I have never ever queued. Anyway, this time round I am back in Hong Kong, the land of frenzied queuing. So I kind of gave up on buying anything from the Isabel Marant pour H&M collection, since (I heard) queues start the night before and a lot of people ask their maids to queue for them.

Nonetheless, I just had to try my luck. First, I went to the Elements store, which was completely empty. I then arrived at the Tsim Sha Tsui flagship store at 11am and found out there was plenty of stock from the collection. So I queued – 30 minutes later I was a happy shopper having bought everything on my hit list. (Which – fyi – only consisted of the slip-ons, white lace top and black lace dress) Not sure who or what to thank, maybe it’s my peculiar taste, maybe it’s tiny feet, maybe it’s the TST store.

心底裡我是知道的,我知道這些crossover合作系列都只不過是營銷伎倆,但奈何我每一次都被吸引到,結果都會購買一至兩件單品。可能我比較幸運,過去的H&M crossover系列我都湊巧不用排隊。但這次Isabel Marant x H&M就不同了,我身在香港,一個幾乎什麼都要排隊的瘋狂地方,而且排隊從前一天就開始了,有些人更有傭人代勞,面對如此瘋癲的排隊行為我就放棄了。


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