Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ring haul

These days I am totally into rings, hm actually maybe I have always been into rings. Wearing something on my fingers is like an everyday habit of mine. So here are the rings that I bought recently:

Both from Accessorize, these rings are the smallest size but doesn't really fit me, so I would wear them with a smaller ring to prevent them from falling off or just wearing them on my thumb.

And from Aldo. They actually carry rings that fits me which is really good news. Their rings are pretty nice too, but I didn't want to buy too much in one go so I chose these two. The double ring on the right is just gorgeous.

Here I am wearing one of the Aldo rings with a Dior bug ring stacked with a ring from my grandmother because Dior doesn't carry my ring size anymore (BUT they carry really pretty rings so I still buy them).

Here is the Aldo double ring with the silvering from Accessorize and my old and battered Tiffany Lock ring. They all go pretty well together eh?

I thought all those colours would match this huge ring from Celine.

And then there's also this large pearl ring from Topshop and the new 'I love you' ring which i got with the bf from Tiffany (love love ♥) I wear this most of the time nowadays. 

And thats about it for new rings, now last but not least its summer time...
...which also means salad time!

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