Sunday, August 07, 2011

Torn jeans

I wanted a pair of torn up skinny jeans, but was too lazy to go look for a perfect pair of skinnies. So I decided to just grab a pair  from Bershka and do the tearing by myself. Well because I was working and all that, the destruction took place at intervals and now I think the left leg doesn't really go with the right leg (and vice versa). Anyhow, I'm quite content with the end results and am absolutely proud of the massive blotch on the left leg. However, due to the stretchiness of the fabric the whole tearing session was made more of a hassle, note to self, never tear stretchy fabrics again.

Come to think of it, I actually have done a lot of DIY to my clothes. Not only for the sake of killing time but I have nothing to lose really. Because most of those clothes just sit there at the back of my wardrobe never having the chance to see daylight again if I don't do anything to them. Plus one only needs so many pairs of jeans, so I'd just cut and bleach and turn the I-will-never-wear-again-pile into my favorite pair of shorts etc.

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