Monday, May 21, 2012

An Hermès Journey

There are just way too many exhibitions going on in London right now, and so many of which I want to go to. Well I began with the Hermès Leather Forever exhibition since it is on my ‘Must Go’ list and it’s free (considering I am quite broke at the moment).

We began with the library of skins with an intoxicating scent of leather that you can’t avoid. Next up was the artisan’s studio where they had two Hermès craftsmen at work, visitors could just go up to them and talk to them. There wasn’t much chatting going on though, perhaps no one wanted to interrupt the concentration and precision that goes into an Hermès leather good. I witnessed a grass green Constance bag (so cute) in the making. I asked the artisan when his Hermès career started and he said 20 years ago. (He looked quite young! Ah French people and their elixir of youth)

12 rooms make the whole of the exhibition and it was very well put together and immaculate (well it’s Hermès). The room taking you through their travel collection was lit in a shade of burnt orange and filled with sand – a true nomadic ambience. There was a lot of play with lighting effects as well. I was peering into a box when a mini light show took place right before my eyes.

It was such a shame that photography wasn’t allowed, but I managed to sneak this shot. Note the bag at the top left corner; it’s a tiny little Kelly with a cheeky face (isn’t it adorable!).

Hermès Leather Forever Exhibition
8 - 27 May 2012
6 Burlington Gardens
London W1

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