Monday, October 14, 2013

Louis Vuitton the Art of Packing

I used to love travelling when I was young, going to new places, seeing new things bring so much excitement into a child's life. Now "change" almost became my biggest fear, or I have just reached a point where I don't want to deal with my baggage. 

Packing is nothing new to anybody. And Louis Vuitton turned it into an art. This campaign is amazing in a timeless way, at least packing will never get old. By turing this chore into an art and blasting out on all channels possible - from short film to minisites, magazines and exhibitions, oh not to mention around the globe - this is actually a relatively low cost way to promote all of the French house's product ranges. Everybody loves peering into someone else's life. That's why in popular culture - namely Instagram and Youtube - all those "room tours" and outfit grids are so popular. You get to see how other people live. This artsy (and also very on brand) way of packing obviously glorifies this whole mundane packing errand. A bit idealistic for reality, but just enough to dream of.

小時候很喜歡去旅行,有機會到新的地方就興奮無比。現在不太喜歡轉換環境,人大了就越來越多隨身物品,越來越多包袱,最喜歡自然是settle down安頓的感覺,要收拾細遠又談何容易呢?

拜globalisation所賜,收拾行李,對大部分人都不陌生。Louis Vuitton Art of Packing推廣很成功,宣傳最新行李系列同時把收拾行裝藝術化,從短片,互動網站,雜誌到展覽,360度全方位宣傳,不用代言人,簡單低成本。人人都有偷窺心態,所以物件鳥瞰圖一向受歡迎,看社交網站Instagram做就這麼多紅人就知道,這種拍攝手法也是其中最受歡迎之一。當然這一切都太美好,回到現實收拾行李有誰不會頭疼。

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