Sunday, January 19, 2014

The ripped, the old and the fast fashion

Ripped Acne Jeans || Converse || Street of Hong Kong

Acne jeans are almost a rite of passage. Everyone should have a pair (or two), and not limited to the ripped ones. But my love for this Swedish brand goes way beyond their jeans. Clean lines, oversized silhouettes, work wear staples, pops of colours here and there, and always – always – with a twist. In this age of fast fashion, when you can grab a blouse anywhere, anytime. It is time to stop and think, make purchases that are special, that stands out from the ten million other blouses. 

I bought this pair of ripped Acne jeans when I was in Stockholm, where I spent all of my travel money on Acne, including the Acne store, outlet and archive. The Acne archive is another must visit, that’s where I picked up one of my favourite light jackets in mint green. It’s like a treasure chest, full of off-season and show pieces Acne gems (at a discount) for everyone.

Here I wore them with my trusty rusty old and battered Converses, a bit broken on the side and at the back. It is nice to hold on to things and realise that old things still hold a place in this new world. Just taking the statement of wearing to death very literally. That’s all.


這條破爛Acne牛仔褲是在斯德哥爾摩買的,去的時候剛好是復活節,歐洲國家大部份商鋪都休息,整個城市像死城一樣,而且四月北歐冷得要命。不過也無損我大手購買Acne的心情,結果把所有盤川都用盡在Acne店、outlet及archive。去斯德哥爾摩各位喜愛Acne的朋友一定要到Acne archive,店子就像一個寶箱,都是Acne off-season及show piece瑰寶,我在那也買到我很喜歡的粉綠色外套


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